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Stephen C. Clement, M.D.
Founder & Chief Medical Advisor

Dr. Clement is chief of the Georgetown Diabetes Center at Georgetown University Hospital.  He also serves as interim Chief of Endocrinology, Department of Medicine, Georgetown University Hospital.  In addition to running the Diabetes Center, Dr. Clement is active in clinical research, performing clinical trials on the development of oral insulin, the use of insulin to prevent cardiovascular disease, and in the prevention of Type 2 diabetes with pharmacotherapy. He has published widely and is a recognized international leader in the area of diabetes care.

Dr. Clement first became interested in diabetes as a first year intern at Charity Hospital in New Orleans where he found that more than 70% of his patients had diabetes.  This interest carried him to pursue training in diabetes at the Joslin Clinic in Boston where he worked with many thought leaders in the field.  Dr. Clement also spend 8 years as chief of the diabetes clinic at Walter Reed Army Hospital before he was recruited by Georgetown.
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